Saturday, 10 December 2016

Christmas Interview with Kate Benson

Name 5 Best Gifts You Would Love To Get From Your Friends?

I’m not very materialistic, so I don’t ever expect anything aside from a card or call to say hello. I’m pretty easy to please, though. My favorite things are books, music, wine, coffee/tea and makeup. If someone wanted to get me a gift I’d love, I’d be happy with any of that <3

When Do You Start Shopping For Christmas?

It depends on the year. One year, I started on December 26th. This year, I haven’t started at all lol I’m slacking hardcore! ;)

Have You Ever Recycled A Christmas Present?

Yes, BUT for good reason! I was allergic and it was really nice lotion and bath stuff, so I gave it to my bestie and not only did I tell her it was a re-gift, thereby voiding out any bad re-gifting karma, but I gave her another gift as well! haha

Favourite Gift Received As A Child?

When I was five, I got a Rainbow Brite doll and it was perhaps the most magical thing that ever happened. I’d never wanted anything like I wanted that Rainbow Brite doll and I swear, I cried when I opened her.

 Hardest Person to Buy For?

I’m actually very good at choosing gifts for people, so that’s a pretty hard question. It’s my favorite part about Christmas. I love imagining their reaction and usually, the hardest part of the entire experience is not giving the present to them early! I’m normally more excited about it than they are haha

What's Your Favourite Part About Christmas?

Giving other people gifts, lighting candles at church and eating pie

Do You Have Any Christmas Traditions?

They’ve kind of morphed over the years. We didn’t have any huge traditions when I was a kid. The tree always went up the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday). On Christmas Eve, we would drive around looking at Christmas lights while we drank hot chocolate and then open 1 gift each, watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas and torture my mom when she said it was bedtime lol
As an adult, it’s a little different. My husband and I put our tree up on Black Friday and watch Christmas movies. We celebrate with my in-laws on Christmas Eve and then go to church that night and he drives me around to look at Christmas lights. I still work a day job and normally have to work in the mornings, so when I get home, I celebrate that night with my husband.

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Food?

My mom used to make this stuff called Strawberry Salad that was basically strawberry Jell-O with fruit in it and it was layered with magic and awesome. It was amazing. I seriously would eat it until I was miserable.

Favourite Christmas Song?

Traditional? O! Holy Night. Newer stuff? Two-way tie between Last Christmas by Wham! And All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

Favourite Christmas Film?

I have a list lol Elf, Christmas with the Kranks, Bad Santa, A Nightmare Before Christmas and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation are watched every single year at my house.

Have You Ever Been Kissed Under The Mistletoe?

Yes <3

What Would You Like To Find In Your Christmas Stocking?

A pile of money and a Kit-Kat Bar ;)

Would You Be On Santa’s Naughty Or Nice List?

Ha! Depends on who you ask ;)

It's The Office Christmas Party, Who Do You Have Hot Sex With In The Supply Cupboard? (Can Be Anyone You Want)

My husband, of course!

Satan Has Come Over To Play. Are You Submissive Or The Dominant?

I’m hoping Santa showed up and not Satan. Either way, I only submit to one man. I’d totally make Santa/Satan my bitch *cue whip-crack*

Which Hottie Would You Love To Dress Up As Your Santa?

Chris Hemsworth. And I’m gonna need David Gandy to Elf it up ;)

What Book Character Would You Kiss Under The Mistletoe?

All of mine. I’m totally in love with them!

Quick Fire Questions

Wrapping Paper Or Gift Bags?
Wrapping Paper

Real Tree Or Artificial?

Lights On The Tree (Coloured or Clear?)

Steady Lights Or Twinkling?

Angel, Star Or Ribbon On Top Of The Tree?
Angel… No, Star… shit… An angel holding a star! YES!

Open Presents Christmas Eve Or Morning?
One on Christmas Eve, the rest in the morning

Sprouts - Delicious Or Evil?
Deliciously evil! Mwahaha!! (JK I love them lol)

Egg Nog or Mulled Wine?
Egg nog!

Turkey Or Ham?
For Christmas? Ham

Dress up Or Casual?
Dress up for church, PJ’s everywhere else <3

Merry Christmas!!

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